2008-08-15 11:38:32 by jackash101

I've started on the 3rd game of the DuDK series, I know they're all really crap and not very exciting, and this one is no different.
Ok so I'm gonna at least try and put some good stuff into this one, more charatcers, more items etc. and maybe some other crap.
I might keep posting here with new updates, but don't count on it.

New pictures

2007-12-03 15:30:56 by jackash101

I finally decided to get rid of them NG default pictures on my profile and made some images, I'm pretty happy with the results, I thought they would be crap. :3

FuD website

2007-11-05 15:40:04 by jackash101

Finally, I've got of my lazy ass and updated the FuD website with a few new stuff like downloadable wallpapers and a sprite comic.
I've also added the SotW and MotM, I have no idea whats happening with the Flash LEague.
Next on my 'Things-to-do-List' is sort out our Newgrounds account.
Visit the re-vamped FuD website.